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Year 6 - Sats 2017

On this page you will see details of the 2017 SATs arrangements as well as helpful revision resources and top tips.

Please see below for a timetable for this year's SATs tests.

Date Subject and Paper Length of test

Monday 8th May 2017

English Reading Test

1 hour
Tuesday 9th May

English (SPaG) Grammar & Punctuation Short Answer Questions

English (SPaG) Spelling Test 

45 minutes


Wednesday 10th May

Maths Paper 1 (Arithmetic)

Maths Paper 2 (Reasoning)

30 minutes

40 minutes


Thursday 11th May

Maths Paper 3 (Reasoning)

40 minutes
Weeks commencing 4th and 11th June 2017 KS2 Science Sampling Test Period - if selected!  


The Abolition of Levels

In previous years, your child was assessed against a level system, with an average Year 6 pupil being expected to achieve a level 4b in their reading, writing and maths.  

This system has been abolished and now, when you receive your child's SATs results you will be given the "raw score" that they achieved in their test, (in other words the number of correct responses they gave in the test, which could be out of 70 for Grammar and Spelling, or 110 for the Maths paper or 50 for the Reading paper).

Then, you will also receive a "scaled score". This will be calculated as follows...on the SATs scale, 100 will always represent the ‘national standard’. However, due to the small differences in difficulty between tests, the ‘raw score’ (ie the total number of correct responses) that equates to 100 might be different (though similar) each year.If your child's scaled score is below 100, they will be working below the national standard, and if they score more than 100, they will be working above the national standard. The national standard for 2016 was 103.

KS2 Science Sampling explained

In 2014, the science tests changed to a new science sampling model; the tests are administered in a sample of schools every two years. The sample is composed of 1,900 schools. Five pupils are randomly chosen from each of these schools to take part in the sample. Fifteen papers were produced to cover the whole key stage 2 science national curriculum. Each pupil chosen takes a combination of three papers. The time allowed for each paper is 25 minutes.

We were selected to be part of last year's sampling. We will be contacted in the Spring term if we are to be included in the 2017 Science tests. We will, of course, notify you as soon as we know.