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Summer Term has begun - where has the time gone? Naturally the first focus for this term is with our Year 6 group undertaking this Year's SATs week beginning on 8th May. They have all worked so hard and I know they will do themselves proud!


This term we will be studying flashback/time slips narrative before beginning a unit on Macbeth in English. The class will be writing letters, poetry and play scripts based on their reading. Our overall focus will be Rivers; identifying the main features and the important rivers of the world as well as the UK. We will focus locally on the Severn and the impact the river has had on both physical and human features of the area. Our art and DT will be using rivers to provide creativity and purpose to work from designing flood defences to studying great artists like Monet and Constable, using paint and texture to create our own drawings.

In science we will be looking at animals including humans, in particular the circulatory system and nutrition. We look forward to children led investigations to explore the lungs, heart and heathy lifestyles. Link this to our practise of athletics skills linked to Sports Day, its going to be a very fit and active term!


Watch this space for video demonstrations and new photos coming soon!


As always, my door is always open and please don't hesitate to get in touch if you want to speak to me at any time.


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Year 6 2017 Maths Organiser